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The Evolution of Real Estate.

Bridging the gap to possibilities.

Wouldn’t you like to know the true value of your home? Our job is to optimize your property so you can live more comfortably or sell at a maximum price. The foundation of our business from day 1 has been to identify and unlock the hidden values because we believe that adding value is essential in real estate.

Where you work, heal, play, and live matters. We are here to bridge the gap to possibilities and help you accomplish what might have seemed impossible. As an ongoing overseer of our own renovation and projects, we are perfectly poised to help anyone through their own developments, the process of buying a home, or prepping a property to sell for top dollar.

With over 2 billion in sales we have established ourselves as THE premier team in San Francisco Real Estate.


More than just real estate agents.


How we bridge the gap; this is the Teed & Co. difference ⟹



Innovative leaders in multi-channel and targeted marketing and leading technologies. We stay one step ahead of the Real Estate market, and many more steps ahead of the competition.



Every time we walk through a property we ask our selves, How can we add more value and bring this place to its fullest potential? We are visionaries with a keen eye for design, and knowledge beyond boundaries.



Over 25 years of construction and consulting expertise as local developers, and 40 plus years of experience buying and selling homes.



Powerful relationships with top investors and local and global leaders provide intelligence and insight for our clients.



We leverage our industry relationships marketing to all of our clients while building meaningful connections along the way.



As leaders of the industry and founding San Francisco partners of Compass Real Estate, our connections are endless and our expertise is irreplaceable.

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